2 thoughts on “New grades added to JAM Camp 2018!

  1. How would we go about volunteering to help with this camp? My husband teaches vocal music in Texas. We just moved from Alaska in August, and would love to come back to be a part of this amazing camp!

    • Hello!
      Thank you for your inquiry into helping with JAM Camp 2019! I apologize that it has taken me so long to get back with you. As I’m sure you can imagine, November/December are very busy times for the life of a church musician and leader.
      We would love to have you and your husband come to help! Where did you live in Alaska when you lived there? If you don’t mind, would you please send a letter of interest to my email that I can share with the camp leadership team? In this letter, please tell us more about yourselves, give your personal testimonies, and any experience, both personal and professional, you feel would be helpful to the camp. My email address is jstubblefield@fbcparis.org
      I am very excited at the prospect of new volunteers for camp! Thank you, again, for reaching out!

      Best regards,
      Joy Stubblefield
      Music Ministry Assistant
      First Baptist Church, Paris, TN

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